Me circa 2014. Since then, my hair has been cut and donated.


Hi. My name is Matthew but most people call me Matty. I am originally from Connecticut and moved to California in 2002. I used college as an excuse to move west so I could spend my winters skiing deep pow. It's a decision that I will never regret. Since then, the Bay Area has been a hub of inspiration. The rivers I fish, the mountains I explore, and the people I meet provide me with a never-ending learning experiences.

In my time working as an Art Director, I learned why I love design. It's not just the awesome end-products, but rather the countless hours of development and creative strategy. Like summiting a mountain, it can seem arduous at times. However, taking a simple idea and building it into something that communicates, educates and perhaps challenges the status quo is captivating. Collaborating with others is the most rewarding and inspiring aspect of design work. Whether it's design critiques, brainstorm sessions or hours of rearranging post-it notes, a team's success is ultimately determined by the combined efforts of each contributing member. Working with like-minded, passionate folks motivates me to work harder and challenge myself in both my professional and personal life. 

Thank you for visiting my online home.