SAFE CATCH INC. - Art Direction, Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding


I was hired by Safe Catch, a health food company that specializes in canned tuna. My role was to help them revamp their old website and educate customers on why they are the tastiest, healthiest canned tuna on the planet. In addition to redesigning their website I also took lead on the creative direction and design for their email marketing campaigns, various infographsproduct photo shoots and web banners

Oh, and their tuna is really great!


Before & After Site Comparison

UX/UI Painpoints:
1) Inconsistent Visual Branding
2) Customer Confusion about Product
3) Lacks an Appetizing Appeal for a Health Food Company

1) Revamp site following new brand style guide
2) Increase brand awareness
3) Create customer engagement with a fun UI that evokes emotion



Redesign for homepage:
- Use of product photography to showcase food,tuna and brand lifestyle
- Educate customers on what Safe Catch is and why it's different via illustration
- Increase social awareness i.e., Instagram
- Clean, contemporary looking footer


Pure Tuna Page

Redesign for Pure Tuna Page
- Use photography to call out mission and appeal to customer's emotional connection with brand
- Explain why this tuna is so awesome through fun, infographic inspired illustrations


Our Story Page

Redesign of About Us page
- Give UI an overall cleaner look and feel
- Use food photography to showcase product


Affiliate Program Page

Redesign of Affiliate Page
- Explain to affiliates how the program works via illustration

Email Marketing Campaign - User Onboarding

The purpose of this email campaign was to:
- Reach out to new customers
- Educate them on the product
- Give them an offer as incentive to sign-up for Safe Catch newsletter

This was a 3 step on-boarding process.
1) Intro email
2) Intro email > subscription page on website
3) Automated email with code to redeem special offer 




Web Banners




Product Photography